I am committed to putting people on bikes as a means to enhance individual fitness/wellness and reduce dependance on fossil fuel burning vehicles. I have recently moved from a home-based shop in the east end of Kingston to a retail storefront in the Rockcliffe Plaza, to better serve my clients and offer an improved level of service and additional choices in new bike sales.  We continue to offer a full service bicycle repair shop for all makes and models of bikes. We specialize in Tune ups, Repairs and Fitting of bicycles to their riders:

  • SIZING – All too often cyclists purchase bikes (normally at a department store) that are either too large or too small for them. In this instance, the repetitive nature of cycling will cause strain, injury and could manifest in a serious accident due to an improperly sized frame to the rider.
  •  TUNING – Department Store bikes are assembled very quickly and sold in large quantity and volume, often as a loss leader to bring customers into their stores. An efficient and practiced bike assembler can throw a bike together in less than 5 minutes. In fact great pride is taken on who can assemble the fastest as some assemblers are paid on the basis of each assembled bike. I for one, do not want to ride that bike in traffic, nor would I want my family or friends out on the road on one of these bikes. An expert assembly and tune up takes time to ensure that a bike is both safe and functions properly. I offer a basic $45.00 tune up to make department store bikes safe and also permit their standard components to perform to their full potential.
  • CUSTOMIZED FITTING – A bike is a machine and the rider is the engine. The relative positioning of the bike’s saddle, handlebars and pedals, represent the engine mounts on the bike. Providing a rider has a properly sized bike frame for both their intended type of riding and their size, an individual fitting is required to ensure that the bike geometry is adapted to the riders’ physical dimensions. This will ensure efficient, safe and enjoyable cycling. Arguably, this is probably the most overlooked aspect by most mainstream cyclists, typically as they aren’t aware of the benefits or the pitfalls of not achieving a proper “fit window”. I offer a basic fitting starting at $45.00 which normally takes about 30 to 45 minutes to ensure that a rider can get the best out of their bike and they will not injure themselves due the cumulative and repetitive nature of the sport.


“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.”         H.G. Wells