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Rick’s Bike Repair

1 May 2010

Two days after retiring from the military, Rick Regan took a bicycle repair course. It was a natural step into “retirement” for him, because he loves to tinker with things. That was almost a year ago.

Today, Rick repairs all makes and models of bicycles in his garage workshop. He works on everything from $50 kid’s bikes to high end models that run into the thousands of dollars.  As Rick says, “When I open the garage door, I never know who’s going to be pushing their bike up the driveway.”

“This is a very unique neighbourhood” Rick commented, “you’ve got the diehard bikers that bike in the rain, snow, and hot summer weather. And you have the recreational biker that takes his or her bike out now and then for a bit of exercise. It’s a real mix.”

Each person has individual needs when it comes to biking, but something everyone shares is the need for a proper fitting bike. Whether you’re taking a cross country bike tour, or just biking down to the grocery store, it’s important to be comfortable when you’re riding. Your handle bars and seat should be at a perfect height for you. Your brakes should be easy to apply and conform to your hand position. Your tires should be the right width for your style of riding. And the list goes on.

Luckily, Rick can help you with whatever you need. Whether your chain is making a funny noise, your gears aren’t shifting properly, or your bike just doesn’t feel right, Rick is the “Go To” guy for bikes. And he’s right here in Kingston East.

You can contact Rick by pushing your bike up his driveway at 1130 Greenwood Park Drive or calling him at 613-449-8437.