Arkel Bags: Won’t come off the bike until you want them to!!

Mar 28

  • No extra shims needed. Ever!
  • Cams automatically adjust to the tube’s diameter and lock tight.
  • Rubber inserts firmly grip to the rack tubing, preventing any creep of the panniers along the rack.
  • No plastic hooks to crack or break.
  • Hooks adjust for perfect pannier placement on rack.
  • No rivets! Completely serviceable on road with a standard bike tool.
  • Hook nylon insert protects rack finish.
  • Cam-Lock®: On and off in seconds!
  • Lower wire hook keeps everything stable.
  • The Arkel Cam-Lock® hook system is foolproof, simple and dependable.

Foolproof: On and off in seconds, no rivets, serviceable with standard bike tool.

Simple: Pull up the handle, it opens the cams. Release the handle and the cams firmly lock on the rack tubing. No need for special inserts. The Cam-Lock® will automatically fit rack tubing of 8mm to 15mm diameter. Covers the vast majority of racks on the market.

Dependable: The hooks and rail are made of super strong aluminum (No plastic hooks to crack or break). The hooks are lined with a nylon insert to protect rack finish. Thermoplastic insert inside cams firmly grip to the rack tubing and prevent any creep or rattling.

The Arkel Cam-Lock® attachment system: Foolproof, Simple, and Dependable!

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